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  • Jesse Thompson

4/5/23 - Luke 4 - People Rejected Jesus.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

In the highs and the lows, God is faithful. He is present and active in all circumstances.

Dear families,

Some have described the journey of walking with Jesus as one of highs and lows, mountain tops and valleys. Even as a believer, there are good days and bad days. There are times when remaining faithful comes easy. There are days when doors open for sharing the gospel and other days when a door is slammed shut.

Two truths remain in every moment of every day for the believer: God remains faithful, and Jesus has been there.

In the highs and the lows, God is faithful. He is present and active in all circumstances. He is involved and working out His plans in all things. There is not a moment of past, present, or future that God is not intricately involved in. And in addition to this, He is working for our good and His glory in all things. He has promised to not leave or forsake those who trust in Him.

The believer can also find great hope in knowing that when we are tempted, rejected, or discouraged, Jesus Himself has been there. In Luke 4, we find Jesus experiencing the high of widescale praise and affirmation at His teaching followed immediately by a gut-wrenching dismissal by those in His own hometown.

After Jesus taught in the synagogues of Galilee, news of His teaching spread and people gathered to hear from Him. They praised Him as He read from the Scriptures. But the response He found upon entering Nazareth was quite different.

Jesus stood up to read from the scroll of Isaiah and teach how the Scriptures pointed to Himself. Rather than being received with praise, He was questioned. Though they were amazed at the power of Jesus’ words, they doubted that Jesus—the son of Joseph who had grown up among them—could be the Savior of the world. They became even more enraged by His claims as Jesus confronted their unbelief with His unwillingness to perform signs, and His desire to take the good news to all people. Jesus’ next stop? Capernaum to share the same message.

Some people will accept Jesus, but many will reject Him. Regardless of how people respond to the gospel, believers can find encouragement in knowing Jesus remains faithful to His purpose and plan In our highs and in our lows, we can find comfort in the Lord’s presence with us.

Check out the resources below designed to help you lead your family in worship as well as suggestions for morning and evening prayer times and family activities. You can also find the Adult Daily Discipleship Guide that accompanies our adult groups.




This is the big idea of how this week’s Bible story points to Jesus.

  • Preschool: Jesus is the Messiah God promised to send. Jesus would bring good news and help people who were hurting.

  • Kids: Jesus read Isaiah’s words and announced that He is the promised Messiah. The people of Nazareth rejected Jesus because of their unbelief. God invites us to trust in His Son, Jesus. Jesus came into the world to rescue sinners.


This is an important biblical truth that your child will encounter each week of this unit.

  • Preschool: How can we be saved? We are only saved by trusting in Jesus.

  • Kids: How can we be saved? We are only saved through faith in Jesus.


This is a Bible verse that relates to what your child will encounter each week of this unit.

  • Preschool: Believe in God. Hebrews 11:6

  • Kids: Now without faith it is impossible to please God, since the one who draws near to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6


At Home

Family Worship, Prayer, and activities

Family Worship Unit 21 Session 1
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Adult Daily Discipleship Guide

Adult Daily Discipleship Guide Unit 21 Session 1
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** Next week: People Were Amazed by Jesus (Luke 4)


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