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Glorify God

Our greatest purpose as a church is to glorify God. God created us for His glory, redeemed us for His glory, and we look forward to glorifying Him for eternity. In all of our lives and in our ministries, our highest calling is to exalt our glorious God.

Make disciples

After His resurrection, Jesus gave His followers the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. This is the task that the church is called to fulfill until Jesus returns, so we seek to make disciples both locally and among the nations. We aim to be faithful in helping people become disciples of Jesus through evangelism, as well as helping one another grow to maturity in Christ.

Gospel application

The gospel is the good news about Jesus' death and resurrection to save sinners. This is the message that we proclaim to the world so that those who hear may trust in Christ and be saved. This message is also what we need as believers, because as we apply the gospel to our lives, we are transformed and strengthened to live in a way that's empowered by God's grace.

Community connection

We seek to love one another and grow in unity, so that we can build up one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. It's also very important to us to connect with the people of Garner and the surrounding area, so that we can be a blessing to our community and build bridges for the gospel.

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